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Real Women- Real clothes.....

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

While selecting our clothings and apparels online, what do we usually go by? Great colours? Great designs? Great brands? Great models who carry the clothes like a dream? And many a time aren't we a tad disappointed to see that the dresses do not look as perfect on us as they had looked on that stunning model with a 5'10" frame and

an hourglass figure? We at Vintage Weaves subscribe to the philosophy that our ensembles have to look good on real women, the real persons, who may not have that perfect face and body but nevertheless, they are perfect in their own rights. They are homemakers, doctors, bankers, software professionals and architects et al, they toil hard in homes and offices; they raise kids; they attend offices, parties and get-togethers; they are traditional yet modern and yes, they are less than perfect physically. They can vouch for the timeless charm and uniqueness of these saris and dupattas which truly accentuate their own beauty and elegance.

So, we have captured some of our real customers with candid camera in their real homes and offices, flaunting our exquisite ethnic ensembles, our hand woven creations, designed beautifully by master craftsmen, painstakingly hand-painted by village women in Madhubani school of painting with stunning details, and brought alive by these women in their very own style. No studio make-ups here. Here we feature Deepika, a banker and a loving mother to a little princess from Delhi, and Rama, an engineer and software professional (and of course a wife and a mother) from Washington DC. Both are women of substance and want to look elegant and different, be it a family function or the Corporate Boardroom (don't we all?). The details on the sari and the dupatta, are done by thin lines and each one has a traditional theme, a Radha-Krishna, A Ram-Vivaha or a Doli Kahar to name a few. They never tire of telling these stories to every admirer they come across, which they get aplenty in their every outing at every occasion!

Rama in her DC home, on Durga Ashtami day!

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1 Comment

Suchandra Sinha
Suchandra Sinha
Feb 19, 2019

Visited Vintage Weaves today though associated with this endeavour since long. The website has been exquisitely designed, very customer friendly, cost effective as compared to the incredible designs carved out laboriously by skillfull artisans on original tussar and above all is striving to preserve Madhubani art and the artisans as well that compliments our culture growing on the grapevine of tradition. It was indeed a beautiful song of delight that came like a breath of fresh air when I went through the website, not dolled up for celebrities only but created for down to earth professionals like me who uphold inner beauty, values tradition and ease of "wearing a story"!!

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