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Sarees - The new fashion statement.

My journey of sarees began watching my mother drape the best in the world.

Though her saree styles were very unlike the modern chic style -

still her images - draped in six yards still remain etched in my eyes and my


For me it has been a worthwhile journey moving on to graceful and elegant

Tussar. What started just a passion for the sarees has now reached a stage

where I search for beauty, grace and elegance - and nothing better than Tussar

can come handy. It has the look , the feel , the lustre and the elegance which

I always look for. From casual to formals - its a one stop solution for any occasion.

For me Saree is the latest fashion statement - Zillions of combinations of colour ,

pattern , style and material pampers me with choices that keeps my fashion

nerves imagining the best.

So - what you waiting for ? Go , get for yourself the six yards of beauty.


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