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Sarees - Six Yards of Pure Elegance

Madhubani Clutches - Show Off Your Style Statement

India's authentic handwoven and hand crafted clothing- straight from the weavers and artisans!

The charm of handwoven silks and cottons- from the looms of Bhagalpur and painter-artisans of Mithila. Every product has a story!

Wear good, do good, feel the best - with our exquisite collection of saris, dupattas, stoles and furnishings directly sourced from weaver-artisans, delivered to you at the best prices; Madhubani painted apparels with superb finesse by artisans par excellence; stoles and dupattas adorned by Patna Applique work; or exquisitely hand-woven saris to make you stand out from the rest! So, be a proud owner of a handcrafted masterpiece now!

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